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Freelance Writing Business – 17 Positive Signs That Say You’re Ready

Back in 2008 (Can’t believe it’s been that long!), I knew I was ready to leave my job and work for myself. While I piddled around with get-rich-quick schemes and telemarketing, I did bits of writing work on the side that I didn’t even know I could get paid for. When I did find out […]

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Why Being a Stubborn Ass can Be Good and Bad for Working At Home

So, I talked about how I blew my savings and still had no way of coming back from that. When I talk to people about that situation, many of them ask me this: “Why didn’t you just get a job to keep your house?” Yes, I was kicked out of my home. That was a […]

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How To Know When it’s Time to Make a Career Change

Most of us just get caught up in life and continue to work up the corporate ladder. For me, it was the same for about the ten years I spent in corporate America. I worked for a hospital pharmacy next to the ER. It wasn’t the best place to work, but I had some good […]

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